Thursday, August 19, 2010

We survived the first day of preschool

Well, it's official. We are back to living in the sweltering heat and humidity of Houston.  We had only three days to adjust to the time change and prepare for Betsy's first day of school.  I frantically went to work on unpacking boxes, re-washing everything and then ironing tiny little name labels into every piece of clothing that kiddo owns. 

And then it was the big day. 

My girl woke up feeling "a little bit nervous", which we explained was perfectly normal and that certainly every little boy and girl were also feeling a little bit nervous too. 

She clung to Daddy's leg, not wanting to venture into her classroom alone.  It was pathetic.  Kids all around us were crying as parents proudly snapped their photos and tried to manage just a tiny little smile.

We gave our last hugs and handed her off...
and away she went, straight for the dollhouse.