Friday, March 12, 2010

Any Charleston lovers out there?

Of all the places we could go for a long weekend, the only one on my mind is Charleston.  I've dreamt of visiting this sweet southern spot for many years now..  but since we are living in Houston for the next year(ish), now is as good of time as any!

Charleston Travel Hotels: John Rutledge House Inn

But where to stay?   

Charleston Travel Hotels: Charleston Place Hotel

what to see?

Half the fun of planning a vacation is really in the planning stage, isn't it?  
When the possibilities are endless?

Beach acces in Isle of Palms

I see that I am asking alot of questions here.
But what I'd really like to know is~
Have any of you been there?  Where are the best shops, restaurants, etc?

My husband has his sights set on long days spent at the beach.
But I get too antsy.
I want to stroll..
and check out that beautiful historical architecture..
and do some shopping!

Any suggestions?  

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  1. Wish I had some answers for you. It's on my list of want to visit places too,