Friday, October 15, 2010

A little bit of Fall... Houston style

It's here, it's here... my favorite time of the year!  Pumpkins, lattes, scarves and holidays.  I really think this is a fantastic combination all around.

We hit the pumpkin patch last weekend and my little friend found quite a few keepers

She thought the bumpy pumpkins were rather hilarious.

After a day at the patch, we headed home to decorate.  This was taken the next day after school. Betsy had to make sure that everything was just right.

Happy Fall to you all!  Can't wait to see what costumes / decorations you have going!


  1. ~*~*Happy Fall to you too!!! I feel the same way about this time of year~Love the crisp air..lattes..scarves..LOVE it all!! Hugs,Rachel :)~*~*~* **Your little one is just darling too!! **

  2. JEN! She's so cute - SO CUTE! I looooooove fall too...Its drizzly and cool here today - I've got candles lit and had a coffee date with a dear friend this morning. It was fabulous!

    We're also taking a day off school next week to go to the pumpkin patch with friends at different schools - I'm so excited to get some pictures in the pumpkins with all the kiddos - will post for sure!

    Hugs to you my friend ~ Happy 4 years!!


  3. Beautiful day in sunny Seattle but bet you have much warmer you miss us?

  4. Adorable pictures of the little one! And your porch is gorgeous!

  5. Seattle and West Coast Friends, I miss it there SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Fall is just not the same in Houston (neither is winter~ it just seems strange to have 70s / 80s in November and December!). I am looking forward to being a permanent Seattle girl once again!!!!!! Pretty soon, pretty soon!!!

  6. adorable!!!
    happy halloween!!!