Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A great day to meet W.

I have to share with you all.  I met Former President George W. Bush this morning!  He was in Houston for a book signing and I happened to be one of several hundred who had a 'reserved bracelet' to get into the event.  My opinion of Dubya has changed over the years.  I didn't vote for him in either election.  And up until rather recently, I didn't care for him much at all.  However, I will always remember his speech in the days after 9/11... when he showed up to tour the horrific scene and meet the firemen and first responders.  When he grabbed the bullhorn and shouted that he could hear the workers, and that the whole world was about to hear him (totally paraphrasing here).... I suddenly had a whole new respect for him. 

I also absolutely loved Laura Bush's book and started to really like W as a person as I read her account of life with George.  So by the time his book was released, I was sold.  I also came to the realization that as a President, he made decisions that we could not possibly understand unless put in the same shoes.  I do think that history will decide what kind of President he was (along with every other).  But I was thrilled to meet him and see that he was a gracious and funny man, and a true patriot. 

This will be my one and only political post, but it's not truely meant to be that at all.  It was just a cool moment in time that I will never forget!  If you haven't read Laura's book.... it was a wonderful account of her life growing up and leading up to life in the White House.  There are some fabulous decorating secrets of which first lady decorated which rooms too, and how they've changed over the years.  I couldn't put it down!  


  1. Girl! I'm so jealous. I worked on his campaign (as a poly-sci major) after I graduated in 2000, and ever since he hasn't been our president, I can't get enough GW.

    His interviews (did you see Oprah!?) and his wife (again...Oprah!?) and daughters are in my opinion salt of the earth people. His parents are some of my FAV people ever and I am really looking forward to how history is going to judge his presidency.

    OK, stepping off soapbox...Jealous you met him - I can't wait to read his book, too!


  2. ~*~*Too cool!! I would LOVE to meet him!! I think alot of us are wishing he was still in office nowadays!!! ;) ~*~Hugs,Rachel ~*~*

  3. I have to agree with you both! Tracy, I was also a poly-sci major, but on the 'other' side of party lines, working for Clinton. My major changed when the whole Monica thing came about and he debated the word "is" to death. Many things have changed since then, and I've converted. I absolutely loved the Oprah interview!!! And when Laura Bush was on Oprah, with her girls, that was my all time favorite episode. I watched it so many times and loved seeing their ranch in Crawford. Rachel, we are a rare breed in the 206 and 425 area codes!

  4. I bought his book for my husband for Christmas,now I should pick Laura's up for me under the tree. I have always thought they were /are lovely family and believe in our country, its nice to hear he was that way in person.

  5. I started keeping in touch with your blog because we are both from Seattle area, but enjoying it just as much with you being in the south...I was just telling the Hubs tonight about what a class act he is...I saw him on Oprah and really enjoyed the man.