Sunday, July 1, 2012

A birthday trip to Cannon Beach

I don't like getting older, but I absolutely *love* birthdays!  I start planning and celebrating a month or so in advance and continue until my husband reminds me that the day has passed..... like, two month ago.  I'll celebrate anyone's birthday in this fashion! In fact, we're having a birthday party for our beagle who turns 10 (we think) on July 4th (we think).

So, ahem.  My birthday.  We went to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast and stayed at a charming little place called Schooner's Cove.  It's RIGHT on the beach, with gorgeous views of Haystack Rock.

But the best part of this trip was visiting my favorite store~ Sesame and Lilies.  I discovered this little gem two years ago and was smitten.  So this year, when my husband asked what I wanted for my birthday, I said that I would gladly pick out a treat or two at my favorite store!


I'm going to give you a little tour~ excuse the photos which may appear dark, as I was snapping madly with my iphone while the twins sat outside with Dad, and my four-year old was sweetly reminding me that it was time for ice cream!

What do you think?? Time to hop in your car and head right on over to Cannon Beach, eh??  Oh, and let me show you what I chose for my birthday treats!  

Vintage flag which I draped over our sofa for the 4th of July, 
but will be framed at some point down the road

and this super great table runner for our farmhouse table in Texas!
I can't wait to use it!!

Hope you all have a happy and *sparkly* fourth of July!
One last view from Cannon Beach....


  1. Wow great. I don't know how I missed this post. Take me there one day please!!!!! We may be 60yrs old, but it will be wonderful=0)


  2. nice pictures Jen. I too don't like to get older but like the birthdays! Really enjoyed all the moments you mentioned here.

    ~ Mehul
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