Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby Jennifer makes her comeback

In 1977, I was given a Vogue Doll, which many of you will remember.  My grandmother picked her out just for me because she said that the doll looked like me.  Naturally, she was bald and so was I (at 16 months old).  I named this doll Baby Jennifer, after myself of course.  Baby Jennifer and I were inseparable for many years.  She went to the grocery store, the doctor, the dump... everywhere we went, Baby Jennifer went.  She tells a story of once being left at Mervyn's department store (back in the day when Mervyns was a pretty big deal).  My dad had to drive the 40 miles back to the store to retrieve her before she found her way to the trash.  Oh the things she's seen in her lifetime.

Years later, Baby Jennifer was stashed away in a drawer.  She was missing a leg and had been very well loved and worn.  What she needed was a nice long sleep.

Fast forward to Christmas of 2009.  My mom retrieved Baby Jennifer, had her repaired and given the once over by a baby plastic surgeon, and gave her to my daughter Betsy (20 months) for Christmas.  Betsy immediately took to her.  Maybe it was the blinking eyes of the little old cherub face, but it was such a treat to see her excitement with her new (32 year old) baby.

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  1. Oh my goodness I just love this story about Baby Jennifer! I had a baby doll.. the madam Alexandra dolls and i held my by the hair... which made her bald.... and her eyes blinked... my mom swears she gave her to me when I left and got married but through all our moves i can't find her! Oh you are so lucky for Betsy to have your doll!
    Just thrilled you found by blog, thank you for the sweetest of comments I can't wait to share 2010 with you,