Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chalk talk

I am really missing my favorite flea market in Seattle right about now.  It's always around this time, after the dawn of a brand new year, that I'm inspired to buy a hunk of junk, save it with a facelift and bring it back to our 100 year old dutch colonial.  But this year, we are in Houston (until May.. so the countdown begins now!) and I just can't seem to find a comparable flea market.  I've found a few junk markets. And a few markets where I think I brought actual fleas home.. but no shabby chic sellin', vintage suitcase findin', flour sack buyin' flea markets.  If anyone out there knows of a place, please share.

I'm desperate..
will drive far
can bake you cookies...

Last week, I stumbled upon a review for the Texas Junk Company.  If you live near Houston, you should probably check this place out.  It wasn't quite all I hoped it would be (because it was dirty~ and I do mean dirty), but they have a ginormous selection of used cowboy boots in all sizes which is quite a sight, along with more frames than you can ever dream of.

Unfortunately, the place was cash or check only~ and of course, I had only nineteen dollars in hand, but I was lucky enough to come away with this, before I used the remainder of my chump change (is it chunk change or chump change?  I like chump) for an emergency Starbucks run on the way home.

30 x 40 with great details

and a burlap inset which made me do a jig in the middle of the junk

So, what to do with this little lovely?  Only one thing of course.  Chalkboard!!!!  We went over to Home Depot on Sat and bought a piece of cheap birch plywood and had them cut it down to 30x40. I primed and then spray painted the board using chalkboard paint.  Several coats later, I realized that I hate spray paint.  It makes me feel sort of out of control and I don't like relying on a tiny ball in a can to regulate my paint distribution.

Anyway, once the board was dry, I prepared the rest of my supplies.

The snapple seems irrelevant, but it was considered necessary.

The process was as follows:
tape, prime, paint.  Paint, paint, paint.  Sip.
Check on sleeping baby.  Still asleep.
Wait. Watch paint dry.
Secure back with hinges.  Swear a little.
Remove hinges and start over.
Secure wire on back to hang.
Hang on wall and admire work.

Here it is!

A nice big board for this nice bare wall.

with hints of the grey peeking through

please don't fall.