Sunday, April 11, 2010

Two Years of Sweet Betsy Jane

It's official! We've got ourselves a two year old.  
We had a wonderful Strawberry Shortcake inspired party on Saturday...
lots of cake, lots of friends, lots of fun!

It started with homemade invitations, in all different styles

and ended with plenty of sugar!

and in between, there were giggles & squeals

and smiles....

and wishes....

with all of our new Houston friends

I think she had fun! 

and after it was all over, I sat down and remembered those first days

and first vacations

first holidays

and some of those crummy tears

but mostly smiles

and lots of laughs...
because this girl has our sense of humor

and it made me feel very, very thankful to be her mommy. 


  1. Feliz Cumpleanos Betsy!!!! What a doll and I love all those pictures=0) You did a wonderful job on those invitations and I really love that cake. Looks like the whole fleet had a blast. You get the best mommy award!


  2. Happy Happy Birthday Betsy!!! What a fantastic sweet party she had. I just love celebrating the birth of my children. It brings back all the most amazing memories of their childbirth :)