Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's my birthday! How much ice cream is too much??

Hello friends!

I'm tired. No I'm pooped!! The laundry room is full of sandy clothes and suitcases.  We left our bathroom under construction on Friday and headed for Cannon Beach, OR to celebrate my birthday (and escape the dust & noise!).  Have you ever been to Cannon Beach?  It's absolutely delightful!!!  It reminds me of the very tiny town that I grew up in.  And by tiny, I mean pop. 2300.  It's much larger now.... I think they've hit the 4500 mark.  But now I'm off on another subject.


Ok. Cannon Beach.  It's quaint, picturesque, filled with adorable shops and restaurants, and the best (BEST) ice cream parlor.  We went all three days that we were there.  Ok, well~ on day 2, we realized that we hadn't had any ice cream, but it was far past Betsy's bedtime... so once she went to sleep, I snuck out (Tom was still in our hotel suite.... no need to call CPS), and got us both double scoops.  Is that mean?  We ate our ice cream in bed watching 48 hours Mystery while Betsy slept.  It was after all, my birthday eve, and since I celebrate all month, I figured it was justified.

We also had a great time on the beach. The weather was perfect! A bit chilly and windy at first, but then, just GREAT.

We had to purchase the purple hat / mitten ensemble for our girl

Haystack Rock... quite a sight!

Plenty of sandcastles 

and long walks

and this gorgeous sunset, a view enjoyed from our balcony

We have just returned home.... to a bathroom STILL under construction.  But since it's my birthday, we had a bit more ice cream and it seemed to be the perfect ending to a perfect weekend away.

Have yourselves a wonderful week ahead!!

Bathroom photos coming soon!


  1. I'm so happy you had a lovely weekend. Looks like the ice cream place was so delicious=0) I love B's lavender fuzzy had!!! She is such a cutie...just strolling along all the time=0)

    *Fingers crossed* that you bathroom will be done soon,

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Your trip sounds like fun and your little Betsy is too cute!
    I love ice cream too and we wait until our little is in bed if we have a treat most of the time.

  3. Hey Girl! I didn't know we had VERY similar bdays!!! Mine is 6/26!

    Love knowing that. And your fabulous trip.....!!! looked perfect. Happy Birthday, {almost} birthday twin!