Monday, July 26, 2010

It's been awhile!

I hate to think that summer as I know it is wrapping up.... but it is.  Seattle has been such a wonderful (and much needed) break from the Houston routine.  We've been enjoying our little Emerald City as if we are tourists~ traveling to different islands by ferry, hopping on the monorail to head downtown, and buying Space Needle snow globes, along with other silly little items to "remember" our home sweet home.

But come August 14th, we're headed back to Texas for another nine months. In the meantime, my posts will be short.... because I've still got a whole bunch of Seattle to enjoy before we go. 

Oh... and the bathroom is done. Yay! Photo coming soon. Happy summer to you all.


  1. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy - Seattle and surrounding area!! Such an amazing place with so much to offer.


  2. Have fun - I'm with you - all about soaking up every last minute of summer.......enjoy it all!!!

    My sis is moving to Austin next week - am going to move her in, I don't know if my naturally curly hair is prepared for the humidity...Might need to invest in a hat........!!!

    Can't wait to see the bathroom ~