Friday, April 15, 2011

Babies, birds and a donut

Happy Friday Friends!  

32 weeks and counting.....
These babies are growing and KICKING like crazy! 
Still on my feet, but now much slower.....

I stopped in at Starbucks yesterday for a donut.  I haven't had a donut in at least three years.  But I REALLY wanted one.  The problem was, as I pulled up, three police cars did too~ and blocked the entrance when they jumped out of their cars and apprehended a shifty looking guy in an old junker of a car.  I watched the scene go down but my concern was really centered on how I was going to get into the store for my donut. 

I'm just telling the truth. 

I weighed the options.  Would I be able to run if something happened~ like if this guy went crazy and started a shootout, could I actually get away?  What if he went into Starbucks and took hostages? 
What if????

I think you know how this ends.  I braved it all and stormed the joint. I got my donut.  
The cops got their man. 
Then I took a nap.


Now, onto another subject.  A seriously great find!!! 
i've got birds on my mind today.  How cute are these plates?!
At first glance, I thought they were Anthropologie, but nope! They're West Elm!
  And only $16 for the set of four. 
Oh and they're melamine which means that my little miss can throw them around 
and they'll still hold up!
(I think they'd look perfect with my next donut)

Bird Melamine Plates


  1. This post is too cute. The plates are adorable. Your almost there! Eat as many donuts as you can!

  2. Hahaha. I laughed when you said stormed the joint. Of course. Had to have the donut.

  3. In the future can you please just have T pick some up and he can take the bullet? LOL! You are so funny=0)

    Think about you every day,