Monday, April 11, 2011

Cookie Monster Party complete!

It's official. We have ourselves a three year old!  Betsy celebrated with the help of all her pals one week before her birthday.  I was excited to attempt a Cookie Monster theme, and I have to say~ for being 31 weeks pregnant, I was just thrilled that I was still on my feet for the big event!

homemade invitations

and treat bags

The cast of characters.
(take one)

(take two)

(take three).  Over here guys!!!

special birthday crown made at school

I was excited to make these cupcakes for the party and her class
(and they were oh so easy!!)

and oh so tasty!

what's a cookie monster party without a cookie buffet?

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Cookie Monster!!!

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  1. Great Job Mommie! I love your story! You helped me so much with planning my 1 year olds party, by your previous post, the ideals shared gave me great inspiration. I can't wait to see what you will do next year!! God Bless you and your Family! I would love you to check my blog too, and follow us,as we have been following you for over a year now!! I hope you love Houston, Texas. I have lived in Houston all my 44 years!