Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here we are!

My oh my. It's been awhile. I should probably re-introduce myself to this poor blog.  But life has been a bit busy what with growing people and all......

This photo was taken on Valentine's Day at our favorite cupcake boutique.  I just can't believe that these sweet girls are almost 10 months old now. They have wildly different personalities~ Margo is my big, sweet girl who sleeps like a log and snores like a trucker.  She is the first to smile in the morning when she sees us come in her room, when she greets us with her sleepy eyes and bedhead.  She loves stealing toys from Emily and grabbing for anything she shouldn't have (including Betsy's hair, Emily's pacifiers, Lulu's tail, etc).  The funny thing about Margo is that she absolutely melts down if she sees a stranger even look in her general direction.  She is all, 100% my little 'mama's girl'.

Emily on the other hand, would be perfectly happy if the garbage man or any other stinky stranger held her.  She's definitely our firecracker~ and will wear every emotion on her sleeve.  She is cute as a bug's ear and loves dancing, singing, and being held.  If you leave her with a jar of puffs and a chair that bounces, she's generally the happiest girl in the whole world. Emily could quite possibly have the longest eyelashes of anyone I know, and I am confident that she is going to be trouble in about 13 years..... Daddy will have to start practicing his aim!  These two have kept us busy and on our toes.

Aside from all the baby chaos and fun, I'm happy to say that Operation birthday party is here! I love this time of year.  I thought that this year would be really easy for Betsy.  She is turning four and had all along wanted to have her party 'somewhere else', meaning anywhere but home.  So, we settled on Monkey Joes and I sat back, kicked my feet up, clicked a few buttons and made the reservation online.  Easy as pie.  Until she decided the next morning that she most certainly did NOT want to have her party there. She wants to have it at home.  So, operation party planning is in effect.

We settled on a carnival theme, and by 'we', I mean I.  There was so much indecision on themes, that finally, I picked one.  She thinks it's a Scooby Doo party, but have you seen Scooby Doo?  I can't have an all-brown party.  Nope, can't do it.   So we'll have a little Scooby Doo party at home on her real birthday, and for her birthday party~ COLORS!

I'm working on some great little details that I can't wait to share!  More soon, but for now.....


  1. Your girls are absolutely precious! Their personalties are very similar to my girls and boy, it's so funny to see how different they are and I love it! ~Ashley

  2. OH the firecracker always steals everyones heart!!! She may have to come live with me in 13yrs so that I can keep her at basketball practice until bedtime=0) I'll also homeschool them. We just can't take a chance!