Saturday, March 17, 2012


Why is it that creating a birthday party seems so easy and inexpensive in theory... until you actually start doing everything for it?  I had high hopes of keeping Betsy's birthday affair a simple one, but now it is becoming quite the project.

Every carnival needs a candy bar!  Here's the sign I created for ours.  The white shabby armoire is going to be filled with sweet treats :)

Found this frame at Ikea.  It was black.  After a few coats of acrylic paint,  it is now fun and festive and will work well with our theme.

We have this outdoor fireplace that I want to do something with.  I picked up some red & white striped fabric and hope to hang the frame and the red "B" in the center, and then make curtains out of the fabric.

Big plans, little time.  But it sure is fun! 


  1. WHat fun! it was great reading your previous post about your girls!!! so fun!!! my four all have such different personalities...its so funny!!
    can't wait to see how your party comes together, i know it will be great!
    We had our first "away from home" bday party... bowling for my 9 year old...oh my word the whole pick up the phone, arrive and depart with happy kids was rather great! so i totally laughed when you originally though it was going to be at monkey joes!

  2. I was in your shoes last week...lots of plans then no time left. Happy Birthday to your little one. Your twin girls are beautiful, love the picture!

  3. Oh my goodness...your fireplace is fabulous!!!