Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a bunch of thanks.. and last chance to enter my giveaway!

Good morning all! I'm so excited about my new friends & followers here. Thanks for visiting my little neck of the woods. I've read all of your blogs and am so happy to meet you!

Here's my touch of spring on this cold February morning.  I found this cute little burlap sack over at Vintage Junky..  How great is this?

Today's agenda includes a trip to the gym... where I will pretend to be a contestant on the Biggest Loser, and work out until my knees give out, my vision goes blurry, or I have a Dick Cheney style heart attack.  I've got a new motivation and it's called ~ BAD PHOTOS.  

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought.... "nooooo. I don't look like that.  I couldn't possibly look like that!!".  Well, I just saw one of myself that made me a bit~ shall we say~ crazy?!  Ok, it was actually more like 10 photos.... all shot at the same bad angle, all highlighting the flaws that I am most uncomfortable with.....all captured and put into an album and exposed on facebook.


Now, I don't think that I am an especially vain person.  Once I had my daughter, I really had a priority shift.  There are many days when I find myself covered in applesauce, my hair has shifted over to a bad side ponytail, there's cat hair on the back of my sweater.... I can deal all that.  But for some reason, seeing a double chin, tired eyes and bad roots captured on film and preserved forever makes me want to take action.  

So, you'll know where to find me today.

But while I'm there, you still have a chance to enter my giveaway!  It looks like the burlap clutch is the fan favorite (mine too).  So, tell your friends... and enter, enter, enter!  Drawing will take place on FRIDAY at 6pm! 

Oh, and speaking of giveaways!  My very talented sister-in-law has a brand new blog Cielo Azul Jewelry and is doing her own giveaway to bloggers and FB friends.  She's got a gorgeous jewelry line and is also quite the crafty knitter!


  1. You are so cute... your tulips are such a sweet sight on this chilly February morning!
    Can't wait to check out your sister-in-laws new blog!!!
    have a wonderful workout kind of day!!!

  2. Love that little burlap sack, thanks for sharing your happy flowers this morning. :)

    Oh I run from the camera if it's not just a face shot. You head to the gym and I'm headed for a long hike with the dog and some friends. I start yoga on Monday. Soon we will be smiling at our pictures saying, oh sure, you can take another!

    Have a lovely day and a great workout. :)

  3. I love the burlap purse but that burlap sack is equally as cute!! Hope I win your giveaway, I would be so excited if I did!

  4. OMG Jen I am so with you on the photo 'wake up' call! I too had this experience at the weekend after taking lots of photos and I have decided I seriously need to do something about it. It's a little comfort to know I am not on my own (: Good luck to us both!

  5. Thanks!!! I may just have to make another somethin'...somethin'. Hope you enjoy it=0)

    Hope you have a fun time at the gym. Maybe take a Zumba class?

  6. I just finished a wii workout... a little lame I know, but I have to start somewhere and it is the only thing I can do with my little boy in the room... I just give him the other controller and I can workout for a little while. Those tulips are great.... my whole being is screaming for spring!! Oh and love the bag too *wink*


  7. Just found your blog...I'm having fun connecting with other bloggers too. I'm going to have to steal that idea with the burlap sack..too cute. That's the thing I love about reading blogs..all the great ideas. I'll be following you! Lisa :-)

  8. Hey I just found your blog and its darling. Love the nest bag, too cute! And your baby girl is adorable!