Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's complicated

Quick! Name this movie! 
One glimpse at the photos and surely you'll guess "Something's Gotta Give".  
In fact, I'm sure you've seen these pictures a thousand times.  But I never tire of seeing them. So much inspiration, so little time.


designer: Beth Rubio

So where have I been for the last two hours?? Watching "It's Complicated" the newest chick flick by Nancy Meyers.  I initially did not want to see this movie, thinking that there could not be a more unbelievable couple (Merryl Streep & Alec Baldwin.. really?). Again I say, REALLY?  But I was pleasantly surprised. I should've known off the bat!  Nancy Meyers never disappoints (nor does Steve Martin).  But the real star of the show was the HOUSE.  I wanted to freeze frame so many moments in the movie just so that I could have a better look.  Next three photos are courtesy of Melinda Sue Gordon.
Designer Jon Hutman mixed classic elements with modern touches in "It's Complicated." The living room is pictured above.
Steve Martin and Meryl Streep in the kitchen.
Another kitchen view.
All pho

I may just have to see it a second time!  Plot shmot. 
I'm there for the house. 
And let's keep this to ourselves, but I'm smuggling in my own popcorn.  
And maybe a diet peach snapple.  
I'm wild like that. 


  1. Hi Jennifer! The best part of 'Somethings Gotta Give' for me too was her home!! I Loved it! Every room looked so cosy and comfortable! Really love your blog!! -Kristen

  2. Love "Something's Gotta Give" Fab movie, brilliant cast but have to agree the house is something special! Dream on...sigh!