Thursday, February 4, 2010

Seeking teeny tiny condo inspiration..

I am so excited to say that my mom is movin' on up.. out of her house that is a bit crumbly and is too much to manage for just one person... and into a picture perfect condo in an active adult gated community.  It's like 55+ heaven.  Really and truly, this is a great move for her.  It's cute and maintenence free, the community shares a 6000 square foot clubhouse, two lakes, pool & spa, and... wait for it... a shuffleboard court.

But downsizing, although a good thing, comes with certain challenges.  This condo is a 2bd, 2 ba~ 800 square foot unit.  And oh do I have my work cut out for me!  The guest bedroom will need to double as an office, and lemme tell ya~ business will be booming.  My mom is a funeral director, or as I like to call it~ an 'event planner'.  And with an active 55+ community at her fingertips, she will also be meeting with lots of potential clients, if you catch my drift.

I'm thinking of this for the living room color palette.  She hasn't even seen it yet, so if you're reading this Mom, I sure hope you like it!

I was so excited, I didn't even trim my pages before scanning.
Sorry type As..  but sometimes I'm a messy little page ripper outer

Better Homes and Gardens

The browns / blues continue in the bedroom. It's such a cute look~ 
not overly cluttered, just clean, simple and classy. 
I'm going to add a lovely small shabby chandelier that I found too

Better Homes and Gardens

 I love this bottom photo.  It just proves that you can cram a bunch of furniture 
into a tiny little space and still make it look appropriate.  
I'd love to sit down on this couch and read US Weekly

My mom totally deserves this new place.  She is such a hard worker... I can't wait to turn this into her own little retreat.... somewhere cozy and safe where she can come home at the end of the day and not worry about fixing a broken garage door or mowing the lawn.  It's all for you Mama!  Love, your #1 Grill.  

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  1. I’m sure your mom loved the condo unit that you designed for her two years ago. Now that she has been living in that cozy and maintenance free place, I’m even surer life became easier for her. By the way, can you post pictures of the interior design of your mom’s condo as it is today? I’m thinking it must look pretty good, knowing your flare for designing.

    Brendan Amorose